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How to Build Muscle Fast with the IsoCoreX Home Fitness Equipment

Looking for better, more efficient ways on how to build muscle fast? Look no further. IsoCoreX push-up bars utilize Stability, Mobility, and Versatility to provide the best way to build muscle and the fastest fat burning workout possible at home. This fitness equipment is omnidirectional. Use and control the motion of IsoCoreX for amazing new workouts and compound exercises. Feel the pump in your chest and lats then switch instantly to abdominal exercises. Now you can challenge more muscles in the least amount of time! Get your workouts done in 5 minutes!


“IsoCoreX combines the fly and push up while torching my core.

5 of those [push-ups] had my abs sore for days.” – James, NY


IsoCoreX Is All About Functional Fitness

A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research compared the benefits of functional training to the results from fixed training equipment. The results of the study were incredible. Functional users had a 58% increase in strength over fixed equipment users. They also had nearly 200% higher improvements in balance and coordination while reporting a 30% decrease in joint pain.


You Get Unbelievable Chest and Abdominal Workouts!

Functional Fitness Equipment

Improve Muscle Stability: IsoCoreX will help you achieve better coordination and strength in all directions. It will force each side of your body to work together and help to improve balance.

Amazing Mobility: IsoCoreX is incredibly effective. When you utilize the mobility of IsoCoreX you can exercise your muscles from every direction. Mobility also allows you to maintain flexibility in your muscles.

Exercise Versatility: With IsoCoreX you can do chest and ab workouts. Dozens of exercises ensure no muscles are let off the hook. Even changing your workout surface will change the effect on your muscles for further versatility.


“I can’t stress enough how FUN IsoCoreX is to use because of their flexibility of

use. I use them ’til I hurt, but once the pain [ebbs]…well, I just can’t help but to

want to grab them again, lol.” –Tyler, TX


One Tool for All of Your Fitness Needs!

Stability Workout Equipment

IsoCoreX is for fitness beginners all the way to the advanced fitness professionals and elite athletes. It is compact so you can take it with you when you travel. The small size of IsoCoreX makes it perfect for any size home or apartment. IsoCoreX is built to withstand years of heavy use in commercial gym environments.

You will be provided full instructions on exercises and how to gain muscle fast with the IsoCoreX at your own pace. At IsoSHRED Fitness, we want to get you exercising and keep you exercising with the best home fitness equipment available. There is no need for an insane workout program that will leave you sore for a week. Get an amazing and fast home workout with IsoCoreX.


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“For what it is designed to do IsoCoreX is second to none.”



IsoCoreX is Designed for Fast Effective Workouts

IsoCoreX is designed for building muscle with high intensity short workouts. It challenges your muscles like nothing else out there. Most people get the workout they need in 5 minutes or less.

Another great aspect to IsoCoreX is that these push-up bars can be added to any fitness routine you may already be doing. Over the last few years, many popular DVD programs and different methods of how to gain muscle have been introduced. There is a place for IsoCoreX in all of them. IsoCoreX has been used in NFL training centers, fit camps, circuit training, MMA workouts and more. Check out the video on the right to see 4 exercises done with IsoCoreX over only 5 minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Start getting ripped fast with IsoCoreX! Check out the IsoSHRED Blog as well as our videos for tips on how to build muscle fast with IsoCoreX. For more inquiries, feel free to contact us.



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